Why Appointment Setting Should be a Part of Your Business Strategy?

People in the sales industry tend to be highly motivated and scrappy, attaining their aims by any means necessary. However, just because a representative can catch every aspect of the sales process as one person, doesn’t always mean they should all be on their own. After all, different sales representatives have different strengths and fields of expertise.

What happens when you allow an expert prospector to begin the sales process, helping to pass leads and create a strong foundation for a sale, they have an outstanding closer and make sure the dealings go according to plan?

You mix the skills of proficient sales representatives to engage with qualified leads and lock deals using B2B appointment setting.

B2B appointment setting is a sales method that consists of experienced sales representatives engaging in the prospecting steps of the sales method. Once the original rep has recorded a follow-up call with the client, a closing sales rep takes over to promote the end stages of the sales process. 

Practicing the B2B appointment setting plan, there are 3 main stages for each sale: prospecting, appointment setting, and closing. Let’s review each phase in more prominent detail.

1. Prospecting

During this stage, sales growth reps engage with marketing and sales tempered leads to assess where the buyer is in their decision-making circuit.

By this point in the sales process, the lead has revealed interest in the product or service, but, the rep involved in this stage of the process requires to determine if the buyer is a sales opportunity.

If it is ascertained this client is profound to become a customer, they will then move on to the appointment setting phase.

2. Appointment Setting

The appointment setting phase is when the lead is trained before the deal is sealed. Through this plan, the appointment setter acts with the lead to prepare a time to review their final proposal with the rep who is seeming to close the deal.

This role can be fulfilled by internal members of your team or can be outsourced to a b2b appointment setting services agency so your reps can focus exclusively on selling. The appointment setter needs to be an excellent prospector who can qualify the best leads to reach on to the next stage of the deal.

When the appointment setter plans a sales meeting among the lead and the representative who will lock the deal, they then continue prospecting and patching the pipeline, seeking more sales possibilities.

3. Closing

After a lead has the appointment scheduled, the last sales rep works with them to assign and close the deal. The goal is for the locking the sales rep to receive highly qualified leads who are destined to buy and ready to discuss closing phases. Now that you learn what the B2B appointment setting process necessitates, you can streamline the process so your company can secure the best leads.