Krono : (/ˈ  is the personification of time.

We at Krono, understand the importance of time and visible results, in a world where trends and lifestyles change within the blink of an eye, we help you achieve these goals in a short turnaround time for your brand.

We have been aiming at redefining the meaning of digital marketing or rather the broader spectrum of advertising since 2006. With our agency being one of the superlative Lead Generation Company in the business, our marketing expert professionals have gained experience and knowledge of various B2B & B2C verticals and will be able to guide you with solutions that will help maximize your business growth, from planning strategies to effectively executing them, we take care of your every marketing problem, find the solution and help you reach your objective via inbound and outbound marketing services.

We house a team of 120+ Marketing Professionals and have 40+ Digital & Direct Marketing Media Platforms through which we have delivered fruitful results to over 15,000 Clients Pan India & Across The Globe.


We’ve created several success stories by assisting brands in growing their business while understanding the pulse of their requirements and reaching their target audience. We enjoy our work so much, we’re willing to go above and beyond to exceed our clients expectations, be it as a real estate advertising agency or Retail marketing agency or an SEO agency.

Krono is a household name with an experience of over 18 years in the domestic and international markets and a clear choice for anyone looking for generating leads, setting appointments, digital marketing and content and design services in India or anywhere else in the world.

We are constantly looking for new ways to increase our client’s revenue levels with our strong passion for innovation and creativity

All of our digital marketing and web development packages are reasonably priced. Our experts leave no stone unturned in order to maximize the value of every rupee invested in the project.

From appointment setting to telecalling, website conception to internet promotion, are on our list of available services. We are a full-service digital marketing agency with a wide range of services to offer. SMS, WA, telecalling, Google Ads, Social Media (Post + Ad Management), content and design, SEO, SEM, SMO, e-commerce development and mobile app development are just a few of the services we offer.

We provide unequalled quality and never deliver solutions or services before thoroughly testing them and have a strict quality control process in place.

When you work with us, you will be working with experienced professionals. Every client is assigned a dedicated digital marketing team and account manager to facilitate clear and direct communication at your convenience.

We create a solid digital marketing strategy tailored to your specific business needs and objectives. Tell us about your vision and we’ll develop an online marketing strategy to help you achieve long-term success.

We create superior logos, web designs and marketing materials that capture your unique brand voice and personality to strengthen your brand reputation and ensure you stand out. We do not use templated designs, so you can be confident that your brand will be unparalled even in your niche market.

Because of our diverse experience across all verticals(B2B & B2C), we can offer a wide range of skills and expertise in every project we work on. We’ve already worked with thousands of businesses similar to yours in size and niche(start ups, SME’s & corporates) so you can expect us to have a thorough understanding of your unique needs, industry regulations and requirements.

As your digital marketing partner, we keep you updated on the status of your campaigns. With regular updates and detailed monthly reporting, your dedicated account manager will always keep you informed.