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Globalization has made change imminent in today’s time. Investing in human capital is the most desirable business strategy because only a talented workforce can provide a competitive advantage to the company.

The best organizations succeed because they have the right people, not because they have the best people. Skill, knowledge, and attitude—in one word, “Competencies”—in the workforce are critical inputs for an organization’s success. Competency-based hiring is all the rage.

Our staffing solution’s primary goal is to work with Client Organizations across industries such as Advertising, Marketing and Branding, as their extended HR arm to support and manage their talent needs at the Middle and Senior Levels.

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We collaborate with preferred specialist local and international staffing suppliers to provide our offices with both global and local scope capability.

Krono works by finding and connecting the best talent with businesses and organizations and offer the perfect staffing solutions for you with employees that have strong marketing, creative background and possess excellent communication in the field of digital marketing. Think of us as your integrated HR Solutions.

We have a dedicated team of experienced contract staffing experts, who can help you to find the short-term/contract employees you need that match your requirements. We also have access to a large talent pool of individuals from every industry that is ready to handle the diverse roles you require in any location, either on a contractual or full-time basis.

We service the advertising, marketing and branding departments for your company. Krono has provided staffing solutions to the healthcare, hospitality, education, retail & ecommerce, real estate, jewelry, BFSI and the I.T. industry.

Full Time Staffing Solution

A staffing agency places people on long-term assignments. The agency recruits, screens, and assigns employees. Our dedicated team specializes in full-time employee placement. We assist you in identifying talented, highly experienced professionals to join your organization/process full-time. From screening to short-listing, interviews, background checks, managing negotiations, distributing job offers, and final onboarding, we handle all time-consuming hiring activities and place the best candidates directly on your payroll.

Part Time Staffing Solution

We provide competent professionals who can work dedicatedly for you for the agreed contractual period when you need staff for a temporary project, short- or long-term assignments, or to substitute for contingencies but do not want to hire permanent employees. What distinguishes us is our ability to provide the most compatible and result-oriented professionals for your specific staffing requirements.