ORM (Online Reputation Management)

Real Estate, B2B & B2C

Why choose ORM for your Business?

Online Reviews now serve as the bedrock of consumer trust and exert significant influence. Research indicates that an astonishing 93% of consumers peruse online reviews prior to completing a purchase, while 84% place the same level of trust in online reviews as they do in personal endorsements.

3 Ways ORM Can Help in Improving Brand Image:

*   Building Trust 

*   Identifies Opportunities 

*   Eliminates Negativity

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What does ORM include?

Analyzing Your Online Brand Reputation

A) Search

Google My Business Profile | SERP Ranking | Positive/Negative Links on SERP | Hype for the Brand | Hype for the Product/Services | Reviews/Comments on Quora/Justdial | Brand Image on Review Websites

B) Social Platforms

Current Social Channels | Number of Followers | Frequency of Posting | Response to Comments/Messages | Average Response Time | Posts Alignment with Products/Services | Searches on Hashtags | Positive/Negative Hype on Hashtags | Customer Defence For your Product

C) Reviews

Positive / Negative Reviews and Comments on Google and Social Media Platforms

Your Monthly Plan for ORM Management

* ORM Executive Hiring

* Shadow Manager

* Content Creation (Post Research)

* Daily Monitoring

* Review & Comments Posting on Google, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

* Monthly Reporting

* Website Testimonials

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