WhatsApp Marketing: What It Is And Why You Need It For Your Communication Strategy

It’s pretty evident that WhatsApp is here to stay. Unlike other mediums like emails and ads, WhatsApp garners a 98%  open rate and attention span from people. With over 1 billion daily active users, this platform has become popular not just for the masses but also for businesses. 

Almost everyone is on WhatsApp today. The best part about this app is that it lets you connect with anyone beyond geographical boundaries and for free. You can select who to target with this application, a lot like traditional SMS however, unlike its 160 characters, you can send up to 480 characters through WhatsApp Marketing systems. 

A holy grail for small businesses 

Small businesses can benefit a ton by using WhatsApp. Unlike paid ads and social media marketing, you can use this single app to make an impact on those that really matter. 

We’re not saying that social media marketing is of no use, of course, it is. However, it requires paid promotions to leave an impression on potential targets. A small business with its limited resources can’t afford to keep it up for the long term. Hence, for businesses who want to target a relevant set of audiences, this can be done for a cost-effective budget with WhatsApp marketing. 

Let’s look at the many benefits of WhatsApp Marketing: 

  • -You can send bulk messages and reach a wider audience by using the new and improved methods
  • -You can select who to target with the help of a valuable database
  • -Communicate precisely but effectively under 480 characters 
  • -Use of enriched video, audio and visual formats can make your message powerful

3 Ways You Can Make The Most From WhatsApp Marketing

Build relevant database 

The disadvantage of WhatsApp is that you have to build your database from scratch. The advantage? You can build it easily with the help of a digital marketing agency that has a bulk database ready for targetting. At Krono, we help our client create a large database to help reach a wider audience. The more audiences you can tap with creative campaigns, the wider will be the scope of your business. 

Therefore, if you are starting your journey from scratch then you need to figure out a way to build and filter data on WhatsApp (We’d love to help you with that!) 

Ensure that your content is useful 

For something as personal as text messaging, it’s important to put out personalized and useful content. Just like telecalling services, WhatsApp can be used as a sales pitch platform where you can put conversational ads with your users.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with various content formats like texts, images, videos, audios, captions, call for enquiry/website tab and so on. The more creative you are with your communication, the better your impression will be. Just ensure that your content is relevant to the audience. 

Checking performance is crucial

To understand how your campaign is doing, it’s important to keep an eye on response rates, deliveries and reports. How many people were actually interested in what you had to say? 

Once you find them, they can be filtered and funnelled as potential customers from the database. Therefore, with these large resources l at hand, reporting and checking your performance can help you establish important leads so that you can build your marketing strategies according to their interests. 

Final Thoughts 

WhatsApp marketing is not just an addition to marketing plans for businesses. It’s become a crucial point of communication for various industries. Therefore, it’s important to leverage this bandwagon and put your brand out there with good communication. 

This is especially important for B2B communication where you need appointment setting services and personalised messaging formats to stay in touch with dignified professionals. 

At Krono, we offer the above and other forms of marketing strategies for your business, no matter which field or industry you are in. We help you make the most of WhatsApp marketing in every which way. Get in touch for queries!