Inbound Call Center

Inbound calls are calls that are initiated by the customer to obtain information, report a malfunction or ask for help. Krono acts as a link between the company and its customers and provides customer support. We ensure a flawless customer support service which leads to long term and productive working relationships. 

Recent research has shown that a large percentage of customers prefer live telephone answering services over answering machines with pre-recorded messages, as they are cold, inaccurate and impersonal. When your customers have their calls quickly answered by a live representative, they will definitely continue to use your product or service and remain loyal to your brand. Krono has inbound calling services which is an added service to help your brand grow

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Maintaining such a well-organized inbound call center in India requires a huge administrative setup and a great deal of time, effort and money, therefore most companies prefer call center outsourcing.

*  Drastically reduce operational and infrastructural costs

*  Achieve higher service quality with dedicated and experienced resources

*  Benefit from an increase in customer satisfaction

*  Maximize revenue and productivity by quickly resolving customer queries

* Easily expand your network and leverage on state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology of your vendor

*  Increased sales and profits

*  Reduced costs per sale

*  Maximum phone productivity

*  Increased number of appointments

*  Increased lead generation

*  Higher number of qualified leads

*  Higher number of closed sales

*  Better customer retention

*  More immediate feedback

*  Better results through test marketing

*  Increased market share

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