Uncover your brand with ‘On-Ground Activation’

Uncover your brand with ‘On-Ground Activation’

Where does your brand stand on the spectrum of branding & consumer engagement? Whether you are a traditional and a well-established brand or a contemporary energetic start up, your brand must find its way to reach its potential market & create a real time engagement.

Whether it’s a launch of new range or a complete new brand, in the initial stages your brand is virtually unknown to the public. The strategy of ‘On Ground activation’ creates a ripe environment for your product/service & becomes an emotional story-telling platform wherein your potential audience get a chance to directly have a feel of your product/service. This eliminates the entry level barriers for your customers and brand. ‘On ground activation’ is a perfect grab which creates a range of spectators for your brand. Simply put, it gives your brand a chance to display your products/services and give your target market the knowledge about your existence. It catches the right nerve of your target audience & imprints your brand image in the minds of your customers by creating a unique brand impression for long term. The conclusion is trustworthy bond between your brand and your target market.

Try the below alternatives of On-ground activation & display your brand straight to your market:

Airport Flaplets: Flaplet advertisement is a unique concept of promoting your brand in leading dailies. Placing flaplets in newspapers at key locations inside the airport gives your brand the maximum exposure which leads to a better branding.

Society Activation: It takes your brand to various housing & other residential societies in a seamless manner. It helps your brands offerings reach directly to your target market and your consumers in a specified time period.

Mall Activation: This promotional strategy helps you target the right prospective customers& brings them in direct contact with your sales executives without waiting for annual property exhibitions and other events. This activity can be done in sale seasons, festive seasons or during the long weekends as there is a huge turn-out of crowd during such times.

Theatre Activation: Another alternative is theatre activation which helps your brand soar high on profits by promoting your brand in theatres & multiplexes, as they are the most visited entertainment zones amongst all the age brackets & income levels. Placing roll-up standees and banners at heavy movement areas like waiting lounges, ticket counters, parking lots, entry and exit points and canteens ensuring better visibility of the creatives’ of your products and services.

Corporate Activation: Marketing techniques like setting up stalls and placing roll-up standees in the company premises and high movement zones such as canteen, entry and exit points and waiting lobby promotes your products and services & marketing material like leaflets, flyers, pen-drives and mini brochures create a high impact in corporate & generates quality leads.

Club Activation: Club activation gets your brand noticed in the clubs and reaches out to their exclusive high-profile members in a unique yet highly effective way. Placing standees and kiosks in entry and exit points of the clubs and gets brand noticed to a larger fraction of audience.

Restaurant Activation: Set a new yardstick in the market by considering the restaurant activation strategy and target your prospective customers at various eating points like cafés, restaurants, hotels etc. Branding on table tops, placement of standees and banners at the catchment areas of the restaurants like billing points, entry and exits points and parking lots works as the great promotional techniques.

Pamphlet Distribution: Distributing pamphlets with the daily newspapers is a cost effective medium of reaching your target customers by leaving an impact on them. Another plus point that this strategy brings to you is you can execute the inserts in various regional languages and make a personal impact on the readers. This is a captivating way of communicating with your regionally targeted filters.

Seize the opportunity to exhibit your brand in a direct way and create long term impression & trust with your target market.

Tune in for an extending range of alternativs of direct communication mediums!