7 Real Estate Marketing ideas

Real Estate Marketing ideas

As we have approached 2018, you will be thinking about ways to improve your business and start the outright. There’s no shortage of potential ways to market real estate. Unless you’re an agent, investor or owner of a large platform online, getting in front of the right audience takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Ignore these, and you might find yourself floundering in a sea of competition, unable to attract the right clients.

Here are 8 guaranteed marketing ideas for real estate marketing:

Keep an Eye on the Competition

As the market is as huge as the sky, keeping a track on – what other realtors are doing in your area? What do their websites look like? How active are they on social media? How fine their database is? What works in the International Market? Or How active are they on Campaigning is essential

Take note of what competitors are doing. Learn from their lessons. Avoid similar mistakes but don’t try to replicate their success!

Build a Professional Website

There is a big difference between a regular website and a professional one. For agents and agencies looking to move properties, this is more important now than ever. A website should always have its own USP, it can only be created after a solid research on websites prevailing in the market. 24×7 live chat video is recommended.

Create Video Brochure

Tell a powerful story in an engaging video format. Over the last decade, there has been a tremendous revolution in the terms of the digital progress of our country. The citizens have accepted this new era of digitization and social media with open arms. Now it’s time for you to educate yourself regarding various mediums of communication for your client base. Any Expert/Brand Consultant would recommend you to have a video brochure for your upcoming real estate project.

Create a Popular Blog

This blog must include tips to help buyers, sellers, military relocations, as well as consumers looking for general real estate information. The blog must also include community, subdivision, and plenty of market information for those looking to buy or sell in middle Georgia.

Once you publish a blog post, it continues to work for your company. Your well-optimized blog post with the right ranking keyword can continue to rank in search engine results long after it is first published, continuing to drive traffic to your website and convert leads. This is good news because you will continue to enjoy the impact of your blogging, without any additional effort. You can also increase the life of your content by re-promoting and reusing old blogs.

Make Yourself Easy to Contact

Keep your contact details clear & precise. Make sure you/your executive is quick at responding to the queries coming in. Any Marketing or sales agency would recommend responding within minimum 7 hours to maximum 24 hours of time.

Ask for Referrals

89% of real estate agents said that referrals from current and previous clients are one of their most successful marketing efforts, but it turns out that 41% of real estate agents do not spend any money on referrals per month. Don’t let this be you in 2018! Create a strategy to ask clients for referrals and make it standard practice to gain better marketing results.

Sales agency

If the above ideas don’t work out efficiently, you definitely need a Sales agency to assist you with its functionalities to let your real estate sales reach your desired heights.