Latest Marketing and Promotional activities for a Business

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The term and concept of marketing and sales in quite dynamic in nature as intricate facets of both of them keeps changing with the government policies and evolving tastes of the customers. Talking about the former, right from the demonetization affecting the running income of various business, tax measures by the authorities extending right to the introduction of various norms to deal with; business firm across domains have to give ample of attention, time and money dealing with such niggling statutory issues.
However, the later dilemmas of the changing tastes and preferences of the customers is the outcome of cut throat competition that any brand has to hustle with due to introduction of contemporary brands selling almost similar products and services and at times, the path breaking ones. In order to maintain the loyalties of the current customers along with spreading its wings to the new and untouched markets making way amidst the competitive market, the need of an hour for the marketers and brand managers is to target the right set of customers who fit in within their parameters of product type, budget, location, age group, income levels and area of industry plus not to shy away from trying our conventional and as well the latest marketing and promotional measures that will help them generate high quality leads leading to the sales closures.
SMS Marketing: This service is regarded as the most traditional and trustworthy method as it never fails to reach the right target audience. Even with the introduction of other web based modes of daily communication, SMS is the most integral part of everyone’s life and the wide spread usage of SMS Marketingby host of industry domains right from BFSI, retail Real Estate, e-commerce extending to hospitality sectors; stands as a testimony of its success rate and glorious results. Your brand offerings details directly reach at the finger tips of your prospective customers at the most affordable costs. Bulk SMS Marketing Services works even more cost economical as it works as a long term package that can be used for various brand promotional campaigns within a specified fulcrum of time.
Email Broadcasting: Yet another communication medium that is the most primitive in nature but is the most secured and trusted methods of communication is Email Broadcasting. From corporate professionals to college students and business owners to house makers; everyone has at least one personal or professional email account. It is one of the best promotional tools as it gives a flexibility to showcase the details of your products and services without any limitations of character count and giving to flexibility to use various creative elements with aplomb. Email Broadcasting service also provides the analytics like mail received, opened and clicked.  
Short Code Services: They work as an extended part of SMS Marketing Services with the modus operandi of incorporating a 4 digit short code as a call to action in all your marketing creative’s like banners, hoardings, brochures and more. You generate infinite number of leads by your prospective customers expressing interest in your brand offerings by sending a simple SMS on the short code number with the required details highlighted in the creative. Short Code Services are one of the most reasonable and widely used marketing techniques ensuring optimum use of your marketing budgets.
The main catch for the marketers is to get an agency onboard that offers novel as well as trusted promotional tools like Bulk SMS Marketing Services, Short Code Services and other various ATL and BTL activities for high quality lead generation.