Leverage inbound service calls to initiate a sale!

Traditionally, sales & services are completely manifold & widely-different types of organizational activities that need separate set of core competencies.

The modern age call center breaks this traditional protocol. The new age tele callers are trained in a way that they have the versatility of upselling & cross selling the products/services in addition to handling a service call skilfully.

Based on our own experience, we give you a sneak peekat how to build an outperforming sales function.

  1. Train your tele callers!

In an inbound call, the chances of converting the leads are far higher than that of any outbound call. Even though the prospect may have called you just to do their preliminary research, they are the ones who are at least willing to hear you out. A skilled tele caller always leverages this opportunity to cross sell or up sell along with addressing the primary inquiry of the prospect. Signing your tele calling project with an experienced inbound call center solution provider will increase the chances of targeting the prospects thus increasing the number of appointments.

  1. Immediate Feedback

Your tele caller is a strongest link between you & your customer. It always rewards to promote a practiced & continuous behaviour of collecting & respecting your customer’s feedback & ideas. A loyal customer always spreads the word for your business, isn’t it?

  1. IVR flexibility

Customer’s wait time on IVR can be skilfully utilized by running promotional announcements while your customer is in the queue. IVR service enables you; not only to engage the customer, but also to pitch meaningful offers while the customer is on hold. If your business lacks the resources to implement sales leveraging techniques, team up with a best inbound call center outsourcing firm who provides best IVR services.

  1. Customer Retention

Provide your customers with the service they crave! Satisfy your customers to have them coming back to your business. A skilled inbound call center services provider knows the technique of handling customers’ ruthless behaviour in the worst scenarios ever. By using the best listening skills, finding a solution & apologizing gracefully, a best tele caller can convert an angry customer into a valuable resource for you!

  1. Maximizing Revenue

A customer reaching out to you by himself gives you a sales opportunity because; he is seriously interested in making a purchase or needs immediate customer service. With efficient query handling & customer satisfaction, you can easily upsell your product/service to the prospect. We always recommend teaming up with inbound call center companies  who use Six Sigma methodology to ensure the improvement in terms of service quality, query handling & boosting sales, thus maximizing revenue.

Lately, if you are unable to meet the back-breaking demands of your customer support, it’s time to outsource your activities to an A Grade inbound telemarketing company!