Krono is here to help you amplify your brands true potential, cultivating customer loyalty and driving traffic to your website and social media platforms. The final goal of amplification your brand is to create awareness and reach the correct audiences. 

We help you create the ideal strategy for your brand, curate a strong target audience, create innovative campaigns and content that potray you as a thought leader.

Inbound Marketing

We help you create social media content and a strategy that helps you garner and reach ideal customers by making people aware of your brand, visit your website, show interest in your product or service by using the power of the internet to deliver information to your target audience the time they are in need of it. Think of this as more of when the customer initiates a conversation with you.


Search Engine Optimization

Social Media (Post Creation, Captions, Hashtag) 

Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Social Media Marketing (Ad Creation, Marketing)

Facebook Ads | Instagram Ads | LinkedIn Ads | Google Ads | Display Ads | Blog Marketing | Digital PR

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is all about reaching “out” to potential customers with a mix of more traditional forms of marketing and advertising where you establish direct communication and is an active method of attracting potential clients on a one-on-one basis.




OTP | Voice | Flash | Transactional | Promotional | RCS | Response Collection ( Shortcode , IVR, Missed Call)


WA Marketing